2015 EDIT Event


Students take apart a desktop computer and see what each part does to make the computer work. Then they have to put it back together.


Learning the concepts of responsive layouts and mobile design paradigms about mobile web development. Students go through a basic HTML page before experiencing basic JavaScript. The final product will be a well-designed page that adapts its orientation and display to the dimensions of the page.


Students will engage in an interactive phishing/spear phishing exercise with their classmates. It will teach students how to recognize phishing emails and what to do if they accidentally click on malicious content in an email. We will cover the tricks attackers use and the types of attacks that can be carried out this way.


During this presentation students will learn from State Farm’s IT Internship Coordinators about what they look for in someone’s resume and when conducting interviews. Students will learn firsthand what to do and what not to do in the application process during this fun lab.